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The Maori word for Autism

The Maori word for Autism

The Maori word for Autism is “Takiwantaga,” which means “in their own time and space.”

Maori word for AutismEven though my last newsletter was about  Neurodivergent Love Languages, I often forget that it’s Autism Awareness Month when it rolls around because it seems to be Autism Awareness daily in our household since my youngest daughter is autistic.

It’s a factor in whether she goes to school that day (or stays home to prevent burnout or work on a project in a quiet environment).

How long I let my daughter sleep after school (as long as she likes).

What she eats & where she eats (not always the dinner table if I or someone else happens to be eating too loudly).

How many cat  / animal videos we show each other that day (a few vs many).

And frequent jokes about how autistic our dog is (highly).

In our family, her diagnosis helped increase understanding and how we interact with each other.

I don’t assume that everyone who is autistic needs to be formally diagnosed.  When adults and young adults are considering an evaluation, I always clarify what their goal is and whether it will help them or potentially harm them.

You can read more about that here (or listen in if you prefer audio).

For Eva, it also provided her with all kinds of supports needed at school and eventually college. It made her eligible for several very helpful government programs which will help pay for college, driving lessons (what???), and will help her find a job eventually.

If you have someone autistic and/or neurodivergent in your life, consider how you can best support them by asking what they need from you.

If you’re autistic and/or neurodivergent yourself, it’s always good to check-in with what you need. Because you are precious and wonderful and a miracle walking the earth.

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