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Autistic? How do you know?

April is Autism Acceptance month. Having a daughter who is autistic, it’s an important month for our family!

Eva was diagnosed at 15 years old, which was a surprise. I later discovered that it’s pretty typical for females to be diagnosed in middle or high school instead of elementary school like most boys are.

Girls and women go un-diagnosed but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t struggled for years, even decades.

It’s the main reason that I sought training in how to do Adult Autism Evaluations.

Although sometimes controversial, often a diagnosis helps them understand themselves as well as help others understand them – teachers/professors, employers, friends, partners, and loved ones.

For example, I sometimes see someone who is truly struggling in their marriage with a lack of understanding of how their own neurodivergence is contributing to differences in the marriage that their more neurotypical partner does not understand.

Once a neurodivergent need is pointed out (like alone time being necessary to not overstimulate someone), it becomes much easier for the couple to adapt.

Are you Autistic?

There are several online tests you can take to give you an idea.

Take an Online Test at Embrace Autism

Those may be enough for you. But if you score in that direction, are 18+, and want a full assessment from a professional, please feel free to contact me.

Btw, the Embrace Autism website is an excellent resource for understanding neurodivergence!

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